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1 || Leaving Drinks

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

23rd July 2019

Before sailing away into the sunset never to be seen again, we thought it appropriate to have a few drinks with our beloved friends and family. Haven Ports Yacht club has been our sailing home throughout the years so it was fitting to host a send off on the Lightship. Sunday 23rd July provided a brilliant opportunity to catch up with and say goodbye to people from various areas of our lives - thank you to all who came. The staff at the Lightship excelled in looking after us and provided delicious bites to satisfy any instances of alcohol induced hunger - thank you.

Fatjax was moored next to the Lightship, providing an opportunity for friends and family to have a look around our new home. A huge thank you to Caroline Marfleet and Jenny Gormley for gifting us the smelliest cheese they could find, and a heartfelt apology to Hamish Denley and friends who were unjustly blamed for producing a 'horrid boy smell' in the saloon. The resiliently stubborn cheesy aroma haunted the boat for a few days whilst making for delicious eating. As ever, Grandma/Mum/Frances Kirkpatrick was diligent in photographing the occasion, for which we are very grateful. Without her journalistic devotion we would not be able to showcase these beautiful (and occasionally blurry) photos.


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