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10 || Two Men in a Boat

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Monday 3rd February - 13th February

Rodney Bay, St Lucia

The next morning I woke early. I was excited to see Ann who was staying a short taxi ride away in the next bay. A very exclusive five star boutique hotel. Iain wanted to cross another job from The List, (yes it’s still the same List) so I left him to it and thought I would be totally independent and get the local bus. What could go wrong?

The bus arrived, I got on and the bus driver told me where to get off. The very kind gentleman told me to walk to the end of the road next to the church and turn left at the end. The hotel is at the dead end of the road, simple!

I got off when he stopped. He pointed, I crossed the road, I began walking, he gave what I took to be a friendly beep, I turned and waved and began walking down the road next to the church.

Of course what you and I class as a road or a track are the same thing to people in “the know”. I walked down the long road at the main traffic light junction. I got to the end, the crystal blue sea opened into a panoramic view in front of me, excitement filled my lungs. I was nearly there.

I turned left, now it was a dirt track, but I had faith. I walked and walked, the track turned into a jungle with a well trodden route. I ducked the branches, I hopped over fallen trees, I knew there was life at the end of this track.

There it was, it was a sandy beach but no hotel. I could see a hotel around the next bay. All I had to do was wait for the waves to go out and then make a dash for it around the headland. I took off my white linen trousers. I put my hat in my bag. I was ready for the dash. I dashed, and made it. Still no hotel, I walked on because surely the hotel would be around the next bay?

Three bays later I realised I was stuck. I could not go any further without swimming I would have to return. The bus driver must have said right.

As I turned to walk back the way I had come, a very stylish speed boat came into the shore. Two quite concerned local gentlemen stopped the boat and asked me what I thought I was doing. They looked concerned, actually they looked cross. I explained I was looking for the Calabash Hotel. They said it was in the opposite direction, confirming in my mind the bus driver had said right, (hand without the ring).

They told me to get into the boat and they would take me there. I did! Without question!! They asked if I was alone, I explained my husband was in the marina ticking jobs from The List. They said they had been watching me for some time. They said it was very unsafe to be walking alone, there were bad people in the area. They could not understand how any husband would let such a pretty women go out alone. They were cross with Iain for allowing it. I chatted away, defending Iain and explaining my whole life while they listened.

Within a few minutes and at great speed we arrived at the beach of the Calabash Hotel. One of the very capable gentleman carried me from the boat and to the shore. He told me never to do this again, and sped away! What an entrance. The hotel witnessed everything. Ann was in a state of shock.

I had the most wonderful day with Ann and Dave. It was exactly what we both needed. I have to thank Dave for allowing Ann and I to talk until his ears were bleeding. Also, the wonderful newly weds, Patrick and Jenny in the suite next door, who gave us a bottle of Prosecco at 11:00am which set the tone for the rest of the day.

That evening Iain joined us for dinner and we continued our catch up day until Quincy came to collect us for the return journey to Rodney Bay. Quincy was also very upset with me for not calling him. In my defence, I did not want to bother him for such a short journey. I had looked up the hotel on Google Maps, we had sailed passed the hotel the day before on our way from Marigot Bay and I knew it was only a short distance.

Quincy explained the church stands in the middle of two roads. On the left is the main road, which I took, but to the right of the church, which I did not even clarify as a track, was the road the bus driver was referring to. And the beep which I thought was a goodbye, was in fact the driver telling me I was going the wrong way.

Well, you live and learn! And I certainly lived that day.....

We spent the rest of the week with Ann and Dave

Quincy and his local guide, Ingrid, took the four of us to places familiar and new. We experienced the beautiful Botanical gardens, which I could talk about for pages, but will refrain.

We toured the island, Ingrid explained the history of the Capital City, Castries. We past through two fishing villages and we stopped for some rum tasting. We had a very interesting experience and would highly recommend a tour. We also had lunch over looking The Pitons which were on Dave’s bucket list to see. He wanted to view the mountains superman flew between on his quest to save the universe.

We obliged Dave and as before, Quincy was there keeping an eye on us. No more unexpected adventures in our universe.

Quincy at the Botanical Gardens

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Apr 17, 2020

Thank you Clare. One good thing to come from this world wide lockdown, is more time to sit still and catch up! More blogs to come in the next few days. Sending love back, Jaxx


Apr 13, 2020

SO enjoyed reading the new blogs. Well done! Great fun. We shall look forward to many more I hop. LOTS of love, clare

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