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6 || Overbeck's

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Tuesday 27th August


This was my day! I planned a trip to the National Trust home of Otto Overbeck, famous for his "theory of electric health” through a Rejuvenator devise. That’s all I’m saying about him, plenty more to put you off on Wikipedia. We were only interested in his beautiful Edwardian house and gardens.

It was a very long upward trek to the top of the hill, but well worth it. I suddenly realised I missed the smell and feel of plants. I was in my element. The planting was well thought out and I think in keeping with the original plans when Overbeck lived there. The colours flowed effortlessly and the grasses swayed gently adding an air of gentleness to each bed. I was in Heaven. The boys tolerated my ramblings, noting they were clocking up the brownie points for another day! I couldn’t stop talking. Dugald remarked how uncanny it is that I can remember the planting depth of a bulb, identify a plant from it’s seed or the latin name of many species, but after 20 years of sailing I fail to remember the difference between the main halyard and the main sheet or indeed which side of the boat they are on. I have no answer for this. I try, but clearly not hard enough.

That evening we meet up with our friend Charles Darley and crew who were on their summer adventure to the Scilly Isles. We had a very boozy evening in the Victoria Inn, finishing with a few night caps on board Distant Dream.


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